Ye Will Not Come to Me
What Will You do With Jesus?
Radio Broadcasts
What Think Ye of Christ?


Four Precious Promises

Messages by Paul Lutton previously broadcast on ‘Shower of Blessing’ radio programme

To the Jew First


The Preaching of the Cross

It’s Easy to Perish

Things God Wants You to Know


Christ - His Sufferings and glory


This is a Faithful Saying
Who Jesus is Losing to Win Because There is Wrath Beware Precious Things The End of the World Titles of the Lord Jesus Four Important Questions The Wealth of God He is Coming Two of the World’s Greatest Needs What a ;- Message, Miracle, Mystery, Motivation Immperatives God
All messages under 20 min.

Testimony - Paul Lutton    (58min.)

The Eternal Christ

God is Love


The Lamb, the Lion and the Life

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